7 Ways to Decorate and Style a Driveway

The driveway is the first thing that a visitor sees in your home so many homeowners take the effort to make it look inviting and beautiful. Here are 7 ways to decorate your driveway:

1 Line it With Plants or Flowers on the Sides. Specially if your driveway is long, flowering shrubs would surely compliment this piece of boring concrete.You can plant at least two different types or colors of flowers or plants to make it look more attractive.

2 Line it With Solar Lights. If you are not keen on having plants or flowers because their growth could most likely be seasonal, you can try solar lights on stakes. Not only they will make your driveway look modern, they also light your way during the night, free of electrical charge.

3 Install Gates That Compliment it. We go back to the idea that everything about your home compliments one another. This tip simply tells you to choose a gate that goes well with your driveway, anything that makes it look flattering.

4 Paint or Arrange a Decorative Turning Point. If you do not like plants to maintain or you do not have the budget for a fountain or another construction for any type of center island, you can always be creative with paint or the arrangement of your bricks, in case of a cobblestoned driveway. If you’re going for a pattern-imprinted concrete, then you can have a specific pattern to this effect.

5 Try the “Green Driveway” Design. I’m sure you have already seen this kind of driveway, one that is used with latticed concretes where grass can be planted. It came from the idea that grass driveways look classy, but not when the grass starts to die or turn yellow because of the weight of the car. The concretes with holes in them answers this problem and allows grass to grow.

6 Build a Center Island. A center island can signify your driveway’s turning point, especially if it is a courtyard or circular driveway. It can be made of a tiny block where plants and flowers can be planted or simply a small space where potted plants are placed together, if you’re on a budget.

7 If You Have Money to Spare, Build a Fountain. Extending your center island idea, a fountain would make your driveway look elegant. It gives an impression of what your home is worth.


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